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Looking to improve your customer reach? We are highly experienced in developing cost-effective, high-performance, and user-friendly mobile apps – both iOS and Android - that keep your clients deeply engaged and satisfied.

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At Red Flask Studio Ltd we believe outstanding software applications don’t just happen, they’re forged by great minds.

If you have a great product idea you would like actualized, we’ll refine it, build a prototype, design, and develop an MVP, ready to be scaled into an awesome product that meets the most demanding business goals.

Whether for iOS or Android devices, our stunning apps come with the latest tech features, complete with highly engaging interfaces for a secure and truly captivating customer experience. Through our agile and cross-functional teams, we deliver highly scalable backend infrastructure enabling you to handle the biggest workloads.

We also provide support for existing applications by troubleshooting infrastructure problems, fixing nasty bugs, and helping speed up delivery with automated flows. We also scale, plan and develop new application features that help increase user growth and retention.

Ready for a high-end user experience?

Let Red Flask Studio Ltd turn your vision into reality.

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What we do

We are a highly skilled team with years of experience in software development that is ready to fulfill your requirements. We are truly passionate about what we do and it reflects in our work.

iOS Mobile App

Red Flask Studio creates high-performance native mobile applications that leverage the best in iOS platforms. Our mobile products use industry best practices to build user-friendly and scalable mobile apps that deliver value and increase customer retention.





Android Mobile App

We recognize the importance of reliable secure stable applications, that’s why our Android apps are second to none with performance and scalability. From the fitness industry to fintech our high-performance apps ensure your customers always stick around and keep your business growing.


Jetpack Compose



Android Studio

Cross-platform App

With iOS and Android device user numbers being almost at par in the marketplace, it makes sense to have a product that effectively targets both. At Red Flask Studio we build amazing applications that feel and look native regardless of which platform your customer is on.




We build highly engaging websites that give your clients a top-notch interactive experience. Our websites are uniform and coherent, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices which helps immensely with wider customer reach, deeper engagement, and a high retention rate. If you’re looking to create a website that captivates your audience, is compelling, and leads to more conversions, look no further than Red Flask Studio.








We recognize your projects need to be delivered on the double and in full. We’ve built a reputation for maintaining the highest standards when providing complex software development projects in a time-bound manner. We are adept at using agile project management ensuring that even the biggest projects are broken down into more manageable tasks, enabling completion with minimal fuss.



sprint planning

user stories

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  • Our Process

At Red Flask Studio Ltd. you will find a team of dedicated developers ready to take you through the paces of delivering a world-class software product. Our process typically involves the following steps:




  • Onboarding

  • Understanding client needs

  • Set up goals

  • Define ways to measure success

  • Create communication channels through our CRM




  • Creating UI/UX Mockups

  • Planning application architecture

  • Creating features list & estimates

  • Discuss launch schedule

  • Discuss marketing strategies




  • We start developing the features we have planned for

  • Periodically follow up with our designers and keep to the UI/UX guides

  • We continuously integrate new features and deploy them to both our test team and our clients

  • QA Testing

  • Continue iterating the process




  • We deploy the product to the wild

  • We execute our marketing strategies

  • We observe the user behavior and track the metrics we have set

  • We continue with application support and improvement

  • We continuously observe the reported metrics and application behavior to make adjustments and improvements to the application

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Become a partner

We at Red Flask Studio Ltd. are always looking for great collaborations. If you are looking to outsource part of your business or development process we could meet your needs.


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